Woodlands Management

Silvicon Services Inc. has been providing contract woodlands management services to Kitwanga Lumber since 2004 and has recently taken a similar contract with the Gitxsan Forest Enterprises.  

Our clients have benefited from a strong background in integrated forest management where profitability and performance goals are directly tied to all phases of operations.  These ties are facilitated through the establishment of cost parameters for each operational phase, defined within the context of realistic operational conditions, sound forest and environmental management, as well cooperative approach to public and First Nations consultation.

The success of our woodlands management program is based on the combination of strong leadership and a strong support team providing expertise and support from each of the key phases of operations.

  • Planning
  • Environment
  • Engineering and Harvest Development
  • Silviculture
  • Geographic Information Systems and Mapping
  • Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Opeations Liaison

Performance is tracked, relative to strategic objectives and targets, through the production of interrelated harvest plans/reports. 

These harvest plans/reports include the following components:

Operations plan/report; provides details regarding the status of all Cutting and Road Permits included in the Forest Stewardship Plans as well as track performance relative to the established objectives regarding approved cutting permits, issued cutting permits and standing timber inventory.

Annual harvest plan/report; chart the creation/maintenance of a fluid fibre supply and ensure that there is an appropriate mixture of timber to take full advantage of log market conditions.  Reporting is based on a ledger that tracts anticipated and actual timber volumes and prices (month by month). Performance is tracked relative to the established objectives regarding fibre flow (timing and quality) as well as delivered wood costs and profitability.