Visual Resource Analysis

Visual Resource Analysis

Silvicon is capable of undertaking visual resource analysis at a variety of levels and complexities, from rudimentary sightline sketches to full blown realistic Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) where realistic foliage and ground texturing is applied.  The two most effective visual resource analysis tools employed by Silvicon are interviewability mapping and photo-realistic terrain visualization modeling and rendering (a complex version of the DTM).

Digital Terrain Modeling

Silvicon uses World Construction Set – version 5 Special Edition to produce photo-realistic digital terrain visualization models.  We have added to the functionality of this software by incorporating Ecomodeler Version 1.00 (for microstation files) and Ecomodeler Version 2.00 (for ARC-type files).  The ecomodeler software allows us to incorporate foliage and ground effects tied to the forest cover base map.  That is, different forest cover polygons can have different visual (realistic) attributes.  The final product is a three-dimensional rendering of a specified view.

Interviewability Mapping

Silvicon uses PAMAP GIS software to produce a two-dimensional, graphical depiction, of the portions of the landscape that are visible from defined viewpoints.  Using the same topographical data used in the creation of a DTM interviewability mapping will show whether a block is visible from specific viewpoints.