Silviculture Surveys

Silviculture Prescriptions and Silviculture Opportunities Plans

Silvicon has long been recognized as a leader in the development of complex and innovative silviculture prescriptions. We have been able to maintain this leadership position by continuing to implement an integrated approach to forest development and by ensuring that our Registered Professional Foresters (RPFs) are up to date on related issues.

Prescription development is not undertaken in isolation, but involves considerable input from our Forest Engineering and Biological Services departments. In addition, Silvicon's RPFs involved with silviculture prescription writing have attended many workshops and training initiatives related to alternate silviculture systems and partial cutting.  Two of Silvicon's RPFs are graduates of the Silviculture Institute of BC.

Collectively, Silvicon's professional foresters have written over a thousand individual prescriptions covering almost every combination of harvesting system, silviculture system and resource issues.
Silvicon recently completed silviculture opportunity plans for two large areas (in the Bulkley and Morice TSAs).  These plans included undertaking extensive inventories and then developing treatment strategies aimed at achieving target product objectives identified in higher-level plans.

Silviculture Surveys and Stand Management Prescriptions

For approximately 20 years, Silvicon's silviculture personnel have undertaken large silviculture survey and stand management prescription projects for a wide range of clients.  These clients include; the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations, major and minor licensees, private landowners, FRDA and FRBC.  These projects have included several multi-year contracts, which have provided us an opportunity to customize our products and to provide additional services, resulting in high-quality and cost-effective treatment programs.

On a provincial level, our silviculture staff was involved in the production of the new interim Free-growing Guidelines, review of provincial stocking standards and development of stocking standards for key habitat objectives. Completing key provincial-level projects such as this allows our silviculture staff to remain current and on the leading edge of new silviculture initiatives.
Silvicon has extensive experience in a broad range of silviculture-based projects and can provide services in the following areas:

  • Various silviculture surveys (e.g. free-growing surveys, pre-stand tending surveys, stocking/plantability surveys, and forest health and multi-layer surveys)
  • Stand Management Prescriptions (backlog and treatment)
  • Ecological classification and mapping
  • Site degradation surveys
  • Site preparation administration and supervision
  • Vegetation management prescriptions
  • Planting administration and supervision
  • Stand-tending layout and traversing (conventional and GPS)
  • Stand-tending administration and supervision
  • Site index determination (biogeoclimatic, growth intercept, S.I.B.E.C.)
  • Silviculture Opportunity Plans