Residue & Waste Surveys

Silvicon is an industry leader in providing Residue and Waste surveys to the Northern Interior. Our clients range from major licensees to private woodlot owners. Silvicon covers all aspects of Residue and Waste surveys: creating survey plans, efficiently collecting accurate data, entering data into the Provincial online WASTE system, and submitting completed block surveys for review.

Some of our clients have requested our services over several seasons, which has provided us with an opportunity to customize unique waste and residue surveys to target certain aspects of harvesting waste.  For example, we designed a client-specific survey to categorize and determine how certain log defects found within processing areas impact overall waste levels.

Surveys we complete include:

  • Provincial Residue and Waste Surveys
  • WASTE data entry and block submission
  • Coarse woody debris transect surveys
  • Fire hazard abatement surveys
  • Log quality impact assessments