GIS, Mapping & E-submissions

Silvicon Services Inc. maintains a wide variety of current hardware and software for the integration, analysis and presentation of complex resource-based information. Our applications feature the use of ArcGis 10.1(physical and digital mapping and GIS products), Global Mapper (LiDAR point cloud analysis and the creation of contour information, hillshades, slope/aspect and elevation information) , digital terrain modeling (DTM), and database management using Microsoft Access. Our mapping and GIS staff are involved in most company projects either providing support for our field crews or working directly for clients.

These applications provide the capabilities for  map production at the scale of the cutting permit, forest cover and district, overlay mapping and analysis; projects from data capture to GIS processing and analysis, report generation; and GPS correction and line interpretation (OnPoz - Effigis).

Silvicon Services Inc.has significant experience in most of the MOFLNRO's e-FM applications(Electronic Forest Management Initiative) and can meet all of your Electronic Submission needs (ESF); from tenure based submissions (FTA) prior to harvest or road building right through the all of the Silviculture Obiligation reporting (RESULTS); from opening creation to Free to Grow declaration and all of the reporting inbetween using Phoenix PRO by DR Systems Inc of Naniamo BC and FME by SAFE software.