Dave Ripmeester RPF, Gary Quanstrom RPF & Gary Hanson RPF, Woodlands
Pacific Inland Resources (West Fraser)
The services provided have been timely and high quality…Silvicon's employees have displayed a high level of cooperation, competence and a good work ethic.
Paul Hatcher RPF, Small Business Officer
Ministry of Forests - Bulkley District
...works were completed to a high professional standard and were submitted on time...I would highly recommend their services on future contracts.
P.L. Carruthers RPF, Forestry Manager
SCI Carnaby
Based on the array of services provided by Silvicon, their attention to detail, the quality of their work coupled with their friendly and professional attitude I have no hesitation in recommending the firm…
Normand Bilodeau, Small Business Officer
Ministry of Forests - Kispiox District
Silvicon Services Inc. work has been to a very high professional standard and I would not hesitate using their expertise for future large multi-year contracts.
Greg Storie RPF, Planning Forester
Pacific Inland Resources (West Fraser)
...Pacific Inland Resources has been very satisfied with the services rendered by Silvicon.
Leela Braun, Resource Technician
Ministry of Forests
Silvicon has completed all surveys and silviculture prescriptions to our standards and have been very co-operative when changes were made to the contract.
John Brockley, Forest Renewal Coordinator
Pacific Inland Resources (West Fraser)
Silvicon demonstrated expertise and flexibility in all aspects of their work…We would not hesitate to recommend their services.
Stuart Lake Lumber Co. Ltd.
All projects have been completed to an extremely high level of excellence and within the budgets allowed...I would not hesitate to recommend Silvicon Services…