Our Team

Jay Baker, RFT
Diploma; Advanced Silviculture – Technical Program; University of British Columbia (FMIBC) - 2003
Jay’s background includes long term administration and management activities related to Forest Renewal BC, the Forest Investment Account and Forest for Tomorrow projects. More recently Jay actively assists in the management of large First Nations forest tenures and multiphase timber development projects located throughout the Northern and Southern Interior Forest Regions. Jay has extensive experience in forest license management and remains under contract with several Woodlot Licensees to ensure all aspects of their forest management commitments are met to a high standard. From planning to harvest supervision and all elements of the silviculture regime that are to follow, Jay and the rest of the Silvicon team are pleased to provide it's client base with a vast array of services in a professional, ethical and economically advantages manner.
Derek Hetherington, RPF
BSc. Forestry; University of New Brunswick - 1994
Derek has been a highly valued member of the Silvicon team since 1994 and became a full partner in the firm on January 1st, 2015. Derek fills a key role as Program Coordinator for Silvicon’s Silviculture Department. Derek is involved with all aspects of forest management regimes from silviculture investment planning to site plan development. However, Derek thrives in the on the ground aspects of silviculture activities that occur post-harvest. Derek extensive experience with planting supervision, quality control, stocking surveys, free growing surveys, brushing supervision, spacing supervision, free growing surveys and fertilization planning and implementation, as well as associated research activities makes him the go to guy with regards to your silviculture needs.
Jon Dehouwer, RPF
BSc. Forest Operations, Minor in Commerce; University of British Columbia – 2011
Jon, a Registered Professional Forester since 2014, came to Silvicon in 2012 with an extensive industry background in silviculture surveying and supervision.  Jon became the newest partner in the firm on January 1, 2019. Jon actively oversees project operations and supervises field crews.  He specializes in cutblock layout in a variety of challenging terrain, field and office based road design, site plan data collection, riparian management, cultural heritage resource reconnaissance, timber cruise plan design, and development of professional documents and rationales. 
Dave Louwerse, RPF
BSc. Forestry; University of British Columbia - 1994
Dave joined Silvicon's engineering department in 1995. Since that time he has been involved in cut block layout on a variety of terrain for conventional, helicopter and cable logging systems (including clearcut and partial cut), mainline and spur layout, cut block boundary and road traversing, completing bridge site plans, completing road designs utilizing ROADENG, assisting in the completion of Total Resource Plans and completing cutting permit applications and appraisals. Dave is currently working as Project Manager – Engineering with Silvicon and as such is responsible for overseeing all engineering services that Silvicon provides. Dave is also responsible for the management and timely completion of a large multiphase multiyear development contract with the BC Timber Sales.
Laura Stanton, BSc., SAS
BSc. Biology with Specialization in Ecology; University of Alberta – 2011
Laura came to Silvicon in 2013 with experience in government forest research, dendrochronology, industry silviculture management and timber scaling. In 2016 Laura became Silvicon's Health and Safety Coordinator and is responsible for completing internal SAFE maintenance audits, performing new hire orientations, managing company documentation and training, and reviewing and writing company policies and procedures. In addition to these safety responsibilities, she is also an experienced forestry project manager in a variety of areas including forest health surveys, site plan data collection, production timber cruising and training of new cruisers/compassers, and a variety of special projects. Laura is certified in Vegetation Resource Inventory (VRI) ground sampling and is a Silviculture Accredited Surveyor (SAS).
Danielle Zandbergen, TFT
Diploma; Forest and Natural Areas Management, British Columbia Institute of Technology – 2017
Danielle, a Trainee Forest Technician (TFT), came to Silvicon in 2017 with an interest in silviculture and forest health. Danielle became a Silviculture Accredited Surveyor (SAS) in 2018 and has experience in a variety of silviculture surveys: planting quality inspections, regeneration, free-growing, forest health, ITSL, and post-wildfire assessments. Additionally, her experience includes supervision of planting programs, as well as aerial fertilization, site preparation and manual brushing implementation. Danielle currently co-manages a large-scale silviculture implementation program with one of Silvicon’s Registered Professional Foresters.

Kaleigh Szponarski

Maxime Hamelin-Dessurault, ATC
Waste and Residue

Shane Vandewater, RPF, SAS
Timber Development

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Timber Development

Pierre Lecourt, SAS
Equipment Manager

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Kelsey Hance, TFT, SAS

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