Silvicon Services Inc. is a well-established and successful forest management consulting firm.  Our experienced and highly motivated forest management team has provided high quality, professional and technical woodlands services to forest licensees, government agencies and individuals in British Columbia and Alberta since 1980.

Early on, Silvicon recognized the needs and concerns of a rapidly changing forest industry and expanded in broader directions, adding environmental resource staff to its resource management team.  This highly experienced team of professionals and technologists has allowed Silvicon to become a leader in developing operational solutions to complex forestry and environment issues.

Technological Resources and Expertise

From small beginnings, we have grown to include a well-rounded staff with diverse expertise.  Because of where we have been and the extensive experience we've had with our clients, we can provide an integrated product that addresses the full range of your consulting needs.  And our proven track record of success means that we can share our experience to help you meet your operational goals.

Through a network of specially trained and qualified staff, we bring you expertise that is supported by an integrated approach.  Our dedicated work ethic, shared knowledge, and proprietary systems allow us to ensure that our products will match the specific and discreet needs of our clients operations.

Superior Customer Service/Support

Silvicon is structured to be responsive to client needs.  We recruit and hire highly qualified people who can make sound decisions.  Then we empower them with the authority to make those decisions.  We clearly communicate to every member of our team that customer satisfaction is our top priority.  Finally, at an organizational level, we have designed our systems and processes to support you quickly and effectively.
Our years of experience have taught us what it takes to serve all of our clients successfully, regardless of their size.  Silvicon's goal is to deliver meaningful, valuable, and focused service.

Professional Accountability

Silvicon has five Registered Professional Foresters, two Registered Professional Technicians, and one Registered Professional Biologists on staff.   These individuals represent nearly 80 years of combined professional experience. As our industry moves to place more reliance on professional accountability, our clients can count on our professionals to lead the way.

Company Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

  • Professional and ethical practice of forest resource management.
  • Corporate stability with steady growth.
  • Commitment to quality, service and workmanship.
  • Constant integration of new technology and practices.

Client Relations Philosophy

  • Professional service and prompt, courteous response to client needs.
  • Cordial client relations with the goal of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Provision of quality workmanship to exceed that of our competitors.
  • Fairly priced services.

Employee/Management Relation Philosophy

  • Recruitment of honest, loyal, quality conscious and self motivated staff.
  • Provision of adequate training.
  • Assurance of a safe work environment.
  • A strong unified team approach to all projects.
  • Provision of all necessary equipment.
  • Provision of stable employment with fair wages.
  • Encouragement of outstanding employee performance through incentives and rewards.